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FemiScan Stim

435,00 €

FemiScan Stim is an electric muscle stimulator for both men and women. Stim is especially suitable for the treatment of urge incontinence and for the persons with difficulties to identify their pelvic muscles. The device has been designed based on the latest research information on electric muscle stimulation. FemiScan Stim includes five (5) default programmes for the treatment of stress- urge- and mixed incontinence and one for the pain relief as well (TNS-treatment). FemiScan Stim is safe and easy to use which makes it suitable for both home and clinical use.
N.B. Stim is not available in the USA.


435,00 €

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FemiScan Stim comes with Periform vaginal electrode (for women) or Anuform anal electrode (for men&women).
FemiScan Stim is not available in the USA.

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